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Our club repeater W7AC/R is on 147.14 MHz with a +600 kHz offset and 107.2 Hz PL tone.

A Celebration of Life for John Gohndrone, N7TT will be held April 6, 2024 at 1 PM at the LaCenter Community Center, 725 NE Highland Rd, La Center, Wa 98629

WVDXC meetings are held on the last Tuesday of every month
In-person or via Zoom – your choice!
Members, guests, and visitors from near and far are welcome to attend!

(Meetings are now the last Tuesday of the month.)

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There will be NO CARD SORT this month.
– But come early anyway!

Rogue Eastside Pub

928 SE 9th Ave. Portland, OR 97214


Apr. 30, 2024

6 p.m. for Chat, 7 p.m. for General Meeting

Presentation by Chris Rutkowski NW6V
TOPIC: Breaking a Glass Arm
The complete story of
Telegrapher’s Paralysis

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