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The WILLAMETTE VALLEY DX CLUB, first formed in 1955 is an incorporated Amateur Radio club dedicated to the promotion of DX information and operating by members residing in the Willamette Valley and Southwest Washington. Many members of the club are active and enthusiastic contesters. The club welcomes those amateurs interested in contesting.

The WVDXC is the Incoming ARRL QSL Bureau for the 7th Call area. Some 15,000 to 30,000 cards are processed each month.

Membership is open to all radio amateurs interested in working DX. Annual dues are $20.00 but new members pay $35 to receive an attractive certificate of membership and club badge. Club members participate in numerous functions, contests, field day, etc. Many world-class contesters and DXCC honor roll stations are included in the WVDXC roster and are ready to assist you in your Dx-ing activities.

DX Honorary Membership: The WVDXC will award a certificate of honorary membership to any DX station (except W) having 2-way QSOs with 10 or more WVDXC members after 1 January 1956.Contacts must be confirmed by QSL. Submit list of contacts (no QSLs) for verification to WVDXC P.O. Box 1288, Battle Ground, WA 98604,U.S.A.

The club callsign is W7AC. The Club maintains a repeater in the West Hills of Portland. The Input is 147.74, output 147.14, using the call W7AC. The repeater uses a PL tone of 107.2 Hz.

An annual Pacific Northwest DX Convention is hosted by the WVDXC, the Western Washington DX Club, The Spokane DX Association and the Orca DX and Contest Club, in rotation. The convention is held about the first weekend of August each year.

If you are a Radio Amateur with an interest in DX and a desire to join in the activities and participate in the functions of the Club you are cordially invited to join the WILLAMETTE VALLEY DX CLUB.

73 and DX
Willamette Valley DX Club Inc.